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Physical Therapist - zur Zeit frei - 1 Stelle für 13 Monate in NPH Nicaragua.

Die Hauptaufgaben des/der PhysiotherapeutIn besteht in der Förderung der Haltung, der Erhaltung der Beweglichkeit und des Muskeltonus, der Herstellung und Anwendung flexibler Schienen und der Schulung der Mitarbeiter, die unsere behinderten Kinder betreuen.

Da unsere Kinder sehr unterschiedliche Vorgeschichten haben, sind ihre Bedürfnisse ebenfalls recht unterschiedlich. Wir haben Kinder mit geistigen und körperlichen Behinderungen, solche, die unter den Folgen von Kinderlähmung leiden, Taube und Blinde sowie Kinder mit amputierten Gliedmassen. Manchmal haben wir ernste Fälle, die durch den Arzt oder auf eigenen Wunsch zu uns kommen, meist nach einem Unfall.

The oldest homes (Mexico and Honduras) have fully equipped physical therapy rooms. Thanks to the commitment of several prior colleagues, there are big therapy balls, bars for walking, swings and various other therapy tools to be used. While the facilities and equipment might not be as complete in the other homes, the needs still exist with the children. Creativity and resourcefulness are essential skills for physiotherapists working in any of our homes.

The physiotherapist is often called upon to treat big and small aches and hurts. From a sprained finger, to bony ankles to a post bone fracture treatment to rib contusions, there are always children in need of attention. We provide the children with flexible bandages, mobilize stiff joints and provide care for the best possible rehabilitation and prevention of new injuries. Prevention is often the primary goal of the physiotherapists. In some homes, extensive exams have been performed on the children from an orthopedic point of view in order to diagnose possible weaknesses at a young age and start the treatment as early as possible. 

The youngest children of our NPH family also receive their treatment. As a result of former severe malnutrition or AIDS, many of our small children are developmentally delayed. Their physical progress is assessed and exercises prescribed for their caregivers to improve the motor-sensory development. 




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