Volunteers Bring the NPH Philosophy to Local Communities

Volunteers not only work in NPH Homes, but also contribute to the health, education, and well-being of families in local communities.
Februar 27, 2020 - Honduras

International yearlong volunteer Erin Faloon works at Casa Ángeles in Tegucigalpa helping kids with special needs.

When I first came to NPH I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, what exactly my job as community service assistant meant, or what my daily routine would be. During my first month on the job, I quickly learned there is no routine to settle into. Every day is different working “en el campo” as one of my Honduran coworkers frequently says about our work.

Working in the community service department at NPH Honduras means most of my days are spent outside Rancho Santa Fe visiting neighboring communities, like Talanga and Mata de Platano. In Talanga I work at the Comedor Infantil where my primary job is tutoring first through sixth grade students who eat lunch there every day. Very rarely, though, do I spend every day of a week tutoring. Some days I coordinate the nutrition program that is part of our early childhood development program. Other days I meet with our scholarship students (seventh grade through university).

Some days I conduct home visits with families in our various programs; the perks include enjoying homemade tortillas and hearing about life working in the mountains. Recently, we traveled to several small communities in the surrounding mountains to celebrate Día del Niño (Day of the Child), a Honduran holiday celebrated with games, piñatas, and lots of candy for the children.

I’ve really enjoyed getting to know the many families we work with in the communities. Our OneFamily program, for example, includes an older student in our scholarship program who is about to graduate high school, a third grader who I tutor in math, and a two-year-old in our nutrition program. It’s really rewarding to see the many ways families benefit from our outreach.

Working in the communities has helped shape my volunteer experience by giving me a new perspective on life in Honduras—life outside the ranch. Though initially I was unsure what to expect from my job, now I can’t imagine working in any other position.

Interested in following in Erin’s footsteps by becoming an NPH volunteer? For more information about our volunteer program, visit nph.org.

Erin Faloon   
Community Service Assistant and Volunteer, NPH Honduras




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