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Michaela is a volunteer here in our DR home. She spends time in the evening with the house San Matias. This is her typical night!
Oktober 2, 2017 - Dominikanische Republik

Michaela and her girls enjoying dinner

Sitting around the dinner table with a group of people creates special moments. Talking about your day while sitting at the dinner table is a commonality throughout the world. I believe it is the easiest way to get to know someone, because conversation quickly develops and many questions are asked. Trust and cooperation are also established through conversations made at the dinner table.

In the month that I have been at NPH, eating with the pequeños (NPH youth) has quickly made me feel a part of the family. It gives me a great opportunity to learn about the children themselves and the culture of the Dominican Republic. In turn, the children also learn about me and the culture of the United States. The time spent together builds a stronger bond between us.

A typical dinner night at San Matias always begins with a prayer before our meal. I remember the first night that I was able to recite the prayer entirely in Spanish. The girls were so happy and could not stop smiling at me. That moment was when I knew I was a part of the NPH family.

While eating, conversation leads to much laughter and many smiles. Topics that are usually brought up are the highs and lows of the day. Discussing the different foods in our countries is a common conversation. They ask me about what dinner is like in my country and why we do not have foods like boilo (a flour and water dumpling), yuca and sancocho (a cultural Dominican stew).

After dinner is finished, we discuss what activities we are doing for the rest of the night and how we can make the next day a great one. Eating dinner and the nightly activities with my girls in San Matias is something that I look forward to every day.

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