A Message of Support to the NPH Global Family in the U.S.

NPHI Executive Director Miguel Venegas comments on the social unrest affecting hundreds of U.S. communities
Juni 2, 2020 - NPH International

Executive Director Miguel Venegas sends prayers of hope and words of encouragement to those decrying injustice and protesting unfair treatment in cities across the United States. We believe Black Lives Matter.

I am Miguel Venegas. As executive director of NPHI and on behalf of the global NPH family, we send our prayers to all of you who are protesting for your rights and for the rights of others. Many supporters, godparents, and members of our global family come from the USA, and this prayer goes out both to you and to everyone else across the country.

From our headquarters in Mexico watching protesting going on in more than 100 cities across America, I see anger, fear, and sadness. I also see acts of love, expressions of compassion, and hope.

African Americans are railing against hard circumstances—the facts and realities of an unfair situation, a historically unfair situation that has affected blacks in the United States for decades, hundreds of years in fact, up until now.

At NPH, we know firsthand the adverse effects of growing up surrounded, if not enveloped, by stress, trauma, and unexplainable treatment. Our hearts are especially with black children growing up under such hard circumstances.

Black lives matter. You matter.

We see you. We pray for you. We care. You have our love, our compassion, and our hope.

Keep striving for your rights. Keep striving for the rights of others. A just society is the work of every member of that society. God bless you and stay safe.

Miguel Venegas   
Executive Director, NPHI




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