Fun, Music, Love, and Gratitude on Godparents’ Day 2019

NPH Mexico held its annual event dedicated to the people who show love to our children.
September 20, 2019 - Mexiko

Thank you to all the godparents around the world.

We lived a day of unforgettable experiences 25 May 2019 during the Godparents’ Day celebration at our home in Miacatlán, Morelos.

More than 500 kids attended this annual event that is a gesture of gratitude for those people who kindly help our children and youth.

Games, laughter, music, and joy surrounded us during this day full of activities. It kicked off in the morning with a speech from NPH Mexico National Director Rafael Bermudez. He talked about the importance of this event and invited the children and youth to enjoy everything about this one of a kind experience.

The bell rang and the fun began. Besides encouraging a good time, the activities were designed to highlight the abilities of our pequeños.

Some 18 organized activities or stations allowed different teams to earn points. These points were used to earn prizes for each team, like toys, candy, and cookies.

After lunch, it was time to get ready for the second part of the day. Our kids had prepared cultural presentations for this special audience. These performances were evaluated and the first place team won a field trip to the movies.

Though it was a competition among teams, the presentations were intended to thank godparents around the world for their support and love for our pequeños at NPH Mexico.

This long, but really fun and productive day ended and it was time to share popsicles—an excellent way to end this awesome day.

From the NPH Mexico family to all our godparents around the world: THANK YOU!

Ivan Sotelo   
Communication Officer




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