Celebrating Epiphany at NPH Mexico

Children dress up to re-enact the Gospel, while our staff prepares Christmas gifts and hugs for every child.
Januar 16, 2019 - Mexiko

Children dress up to act out the Gospel reading during Mass.

On horseback, camels, and elephants; and in cars, buses, and even by plane, the Three Wise Men and other friends of NPH Mexico arrived to visit our children during the celebration of the Epiphany.

At 8:55 a.m. sharp, the bell rang calling everyone to Mass. Within just five minutes, the NPH chapel in Miacatlán was full and the Epiphany Mass began.

During the Gospel, Father Phil Cleary narrated biblical passages such as the Annunciation, the Birth of Baby Jesus, and the Visit of the Magi. This day’s Mass is exceptional for us, because some children put on costumes and act out the story themselves.

Father Phil read, “And then an angel appeared and said to the Virgin Mary,” and a little boy representing the angel responded, "Mary, do not fear …,” while a young girl representing the Virgin looked at him attentively and replied. Then Saint Joseph, a beautiful ceramic Baby Jesus, a Roman soldier, the shepherds, and the Magi appeared in front of the altar.

Mass was accompanied by our musical group that cheerfully sang along throughout the celebration. The youngest children got up from their seats to watch the Three Wise Men, wanting to take a closer look and curiously try to grab at them during the service.

At the end of Mass, Father Phil informed the children and youth that there were tamales, Rosca de Reyes, and hot chocolate. Rosca de Reyes is a round sweet bread baked to look like a crown with a baby figurine hidden inside to represent the Holy Family hiding from King Herod. After breakfast, they went into the dining hall to receive their bags of Christmas gifts.

Our staff worked hard to ensure that each one of our 600-plus children received a special gift and a hug to mark the end of our Christmas celebrations. Thanks to the generosity of many people, companies, and organizations, we are able to prepare bags with gifts appropriate to the age of each child, which include clothing, shoes, cookies, sweets, personal hygiene products, and, of course, toys.

After the gifts were handed out, the central courtyard of Casa San Salvador was filled with excited children playing with their new toys. They already knew that Father Phil and National Director Rafael Bermúdez were ready to put batteries in the toys to get them off and buzzing around. It was a scene of joy, sharing, gratitude, and cheer. It is a great celebration for the children, and their joy is our reward for our work.

Once again, thank you all for making this Three Kings Day one of happiness for everyone at NPH Mexico.

Alicia Balderrama   




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