NPH Mexico Celebrates 65 Years

Hermanos Mayores lead the festivities at Miacatlán to celebrate the 65th Anniversary of Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos.
September 20, 2019 - Mexiko

Mass was celebrated in Cuernavaca's city center in honor of our beloved Father William B. Wasson.

NPH Mexico celebrated its 65th Anniversary on Friday, 2 August 2019, marking the date that Father William B. Wasson founded the organization and the NPH Family.

Members of the Hermanos Mayores program, pequeños who grew up in NPH Mexico, began the weekend festivities when they gathered for mass in downtown Cuernavaca in honor of founder Fr. Wasson. Many people attended the ceremony, not only Hermanos Mayores, but also friends of our home who have been close to us all these years.

The celebration continued on Saturday at the NPH Mexico home in Miacatlán at seven o’clock when our guests, NPH children, and youth kicked off a day of sporting activities, beginning with the traditional men’s soccer tournament followed up by men’s and women’s basketball and volleyball tournaments and, for the first time, a women’s soccer tournament.

A little later, the funfair began for our smallest kids who passed many hours enjoying themselves on the many different rides while taking advantage of the food and sodas laid out for this special date. Guests were then treated to Los Chinelos, traditional dance and music from Morelos, marking an intermission in the activities before mass.

In honor of our 65th anniversary, this year the mass had a special guest, Bishop Ronald Hicks who has formed part of NPH Mexico family since 1989. He originally came as a volunteer from Chicago, but over the years has retained a strong bond with the home. He prayed for NPH during the mass and thanked God for the past 65 years of service.

The religious ceremony came to an end and it was time for lunch. Guests got to try an array of delicious treats prepared especially for the occasion and shared by the Hermanos Mayores and pequeños at NPH Mexico.

The Hermanos Mayores were kept busy. Soon after they gave a surprise musical performance that everyone enjoyed. Then the battle resumed as the finalists in the sport activities fought for trophies in their respective sports.

After the award ceremony, it was time to call it a day. Lots of happy and satisfied celebrants enjoyed a day of fun and gratitude. They left our home knowing they are part of this wonderful family.

Thank you very much to all of you who are and have been part of our family these 65 years. We are ready to move ahead. We are all NPH.

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Ivan Sotelo   
Communication Officer




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