Chicas Poderosas: the Value of Empathy

Chicas Poderosas visited "Las Palomas" Nursing Home
Februar 4, 2018 - Mexiko

Both the girls and the grandparents had a fun morning.

As part of the “Chicas Poderosas” program, our high school girls spent a pleasant Saturday morning visiting "Las Palomas" nursing home located in Cuernavaca city. Visiting with elderly residents, some played lottery, others played Jenga and others told our girls funny and interesting anecdotes from their past. One of the elderly men sang "Cielito Lindo" with some of the girls.

At the end of the visit, the girls shared donations with much love, including walking canes and walkers that we are sure will be very useful for the nursing home residents.

Both the girls and the grandparents had a fun morning; our girls loved sharing time with them and hope for another visit soon.

At NPH we are grateful because these activities are a reflection of the results of the Chicas Poderosas program that teaches young women, among other things, to experience the value of empathy.

Vanessa Cruz   
Communication Officer




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