A Special Day For Our Global Family

Godparent's Day is one of the most special celebrations at NPH Mexico.
Juni 28, 2018 - Mexiko

Godparent's Day is one of the most special celebrations at NPH Mexico.

Godparent’s Day at NPH Mexico is celebrated every year in the month of May, and besides being a fun-filled day for our children, it has a deeper meaning that the children love.

On Godparent’s Day, we celebrate our children’s sponsors, who year after year support them monetarily to ensure they receive food, education, and clothing, and can enjoy a happy and healthy childhood.

This year, the NPH Mexico family began the celebration with a prayer and a few words dedicated to sponsors from around the world. While any of the godparents cannot visit their godchildren, our always have them in their hearts, with days like these helping them remain connected to their international family.

During the celebration, our home in Miacatlán plays hosts to laughing children running between a variety of games. Everyone is divided into teams to go through each competition together. At the end of each game, a jury evaluates their performance and leaves a score.

Every game was fun! Especially the Tug of War in a dug-up, muddy pit. The two teams pull and pull, until the losers fall forward into the mud and water. It was funny to watch, and nobody could stop laughing!

In a majority of the games, teamwork was stressed, with all members of each team needing to participate in order for all to win.

At the end of the games, an award ceremony was held for the top 3 players of each team, who received prizes. After the awards ceremony, everyone gathered together to eat delicious “carnitas” in one of the gardens of the house.

But the day was far from over! After lunch, everyone ran off to clean themselves and prepare for their planned presentations in the afternoon.

Every section presented a dance from each country in which our sponsors live. Thanks to these international connections and support, our children were able to show how they knew quite a lot about foreign cultures. At the end of the presentations, the jury chose the three best groups.

To end the great day, Father Phil Cleary celebrated Mass in the chapel to acknowledge the great work of our sponsors from around the world and to pray for their well-being. After Mass, a table filled with treats was ready for the children.

At NPH, we are grateful to connect our children to an international family of support. Thanks to our Godparents, our kids grow up knowing that people all over the world are behind them, helping them to go far.

Vanessa Cruz   
Communication Officer




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