Day of the Dead: Celebrating the Lives of Those Who Have Left Us

Day of the Dead Mass is celebrated in the NPH Mexico High School.
Oktober 31, 2018 - Mexiko

Mass and offering dedicated to the dead.

“Why can’t I see the wind? Why do you have hair on your arms and I don’t? Why did my parents and my relatives die? Why don’t you know the answers to these questions?

Many kindergartners ask me these difficult questions, and I answer them: "I do not know." But I do know that in this life of fragile bodies, God gave us an immortal soul and that we will be reunited with our loved ones in heaven.”

Thus began the sermon of Father Phil Cleary to the High School youths during the mass of the Day of the Dead.

Mexico is a country rich in traditions. Day of the Dead is such tradition that is recognized worldwide – it was even declared UNESCO cultural heritage in 2008. The Day of the Dead was also celebrated at the NPH High School. Our young people created two “ofrendas” (offerings for the dead containing their favorite food) in the central courtyard with fruit, ‘pan de muerto’ (traditional sweet bread prepared expressly for this celebration), sweets, sugar ‘calaveritas’ (candy in the shape of skulls), candles and incense.

After Father Phil blessed the offerings, he asked all the students to take a calaverita and share what they liked from the offering. Father Phil finished the blessing by commenting, "the beauty of this day is an expression of faith of the Mexican people." In the end, there were the traditional pan de muerto and hot chocolate for all.

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