Christmas and Advent at NPH Guatemala

Christmas time is family time at NPH Guatemala.
Januar 2, 2018 - Guatemala

Checking the Christmas tree

Advent is a time of practicing charity and forgiveness, a time to do good without expecting anything in exchange.

During the Holy Mass of Advent, our children, caretakers and NPH workers celebrated the Holy Family, generosity and God’s gifts of love and faith.

We also celebrated with 'Posadas', a reenactment of Mary and Joseph's travels from Nazareth to Bethlehem, searching for a place to stay the night. This tradition is very popular all over Latin America and usually begins on the 16th of December, one week before the birth of the Jesus. In the home of NPH Guatemala, the children celebrated four Posadas. Three days before Christmas Eve, Mary and Joseph passed by the office, then from there walked to the workshops and cafeteria, following with a stop at the babies' house, 'Casa Divino Niño', and finally to the special needs house, 'Sagrado Corazón'. On the night of the 24th, Mary and Joseph went to the church where they found their manger.

On Christmas Day the 25th, we celebrated Holy Mass in the morning, then took time to reflect and rest before eating a delicious lunch of turkey, hot mashed potatoes, and tasty cranberry sauce. After enjoying a rich Christmas meal, the kids excitingly unwrapped Christmas gifts and enjoyed playing with their new toys all night long.

At NPH Guatemala, we hope that this season of Advent may not only have been a season of a couple of weeks, but a lifestyle that will continue in our everyday life.

Thomas Hartig   
Communication Officer




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