Backpack Campaigns for a Better Country

An NPH Guatemala campaign provides the funds for community scholarships for our neighbors in nearby towns.
September 13, 2018 - Guatemala

Children returning to their home in the nearby town to share what they learned at school that day.

Education has a direct impact on the lives of children and their society. In fact, many social problems begin with lack of or low levels of education.

“The more prepared a human being is educationally, the more opportunities he will have in life. And the more educated our society is, the quicker we will leave behind underdevelopment and begin to eradicate poverty,” says Carlos Lemus, Director of the school at NPH Guatemala.

For NPH, education is a priority, as its influence on people’s lives has the ability to change their future entirely.

Lemus explains that the primary purpose of NPH's school is to reach the highest standards of education, preparing its students in both academia as well as in technical work, through five vocational workshops.

To continue expanding the support that NPH provides children within the home and children from the community, the campaign ‘Ponte la Mochila’ or 'Put on Your Backpack' was created.

The Put on Your Backpack Campaign focuses on financially supporting the education of children in Guatemala. With just Q.75.00, the equivalent of 10 U.S. dollars, it will be possible to impact a child’s educational journey.

This campaign is born from the need to fight the principal social problems in Guatemala that lead to greater poverty, inequality, and malnutrition.

Possible risks born through lack of education:

Children who leave the education system at the junior high or high school levels are more likely to commit crimes, which may be due to lack of tools to involve themselves in the workforce or to lacking resources to continuing preparing themselves.

An increase in child labor. Many children and adolescents are obligated by their nuclear families to contribute informally to their families’ finances. When families do not have the resources to sustain their basic needs, children often times have no choice but to abandon their studies.

NPH's work:

NPH has awarded over 140 educational grants to all children from a nearby community, with the hope that attending our school will be completely free for them in the future.

The Montessori method is one of the best methods of learning, although it is not implemented in public schools. NPH, however, offers this methodology for our youngest students: kindergarten through fourth grade.

The Put on You Backpack Campaign has touched the hearts of many people committed to education in Guatemala, and we hope to reach many more.

“I am very thankful for the support they give my daughter, every time I come to pick her up from school she looks very happy,” expresses the father of one of our external students receiving a scholarship.

Another mother of one student adds, “NPH has made possible an act of love not only for the children, but for the whole family, because my dream is to see my daughter have more opportunities than I had.”

NPH invites all of us to help them 'put on their backpacks' and fight to give a better future to the next generation.

Sofia López   
Communcation Officer




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