UPDATE 7.1 Magnitude Earthquake in Mexico

NPH Mexico children are safe.
September 20, 2017 - Mexiko

Make-shift kitchen in the Miacatlán home

It’s times like this when we are reminded of the importance of Family. As an update from NPH Mexico - the Miacatlán home has regained electricity, and the local team is working tirelessly on estimating repairs and planning support for the outside community as well. These are a few photos that show a glimpse of the earthquake's impact on our Miacatlán and Cuernavaca homes. Thanks to all for your prayers and thoughts during this challenging time.

Please support our earthquake emergency response: www.nph.org/emergency


Tuesday, September 19th Update

Thank you for your concern for our NPH Mexico Family. Our children, staff and volunteers in Mexico are all safe. ⁃ At time of this writing in Miacatlán there is no electricity, gas, or phone

⁃ Government has suspended school in Morelos until further notice

⁃ Employees in Cuernavaca were asked not to come to work until day after tomorrow

⁃ Children in Miacatlán are sleeping outside tonight due to potential risk until further evaluation on all buildings can be performed

⁃ In Miacatlán, there is damage to: museum, dinning hall, kitchen, elementary and secondary school

⁃ Casa Buen Seńor in Cuernavaca, mens dorms are damaged and Casa Nolan, where visitors, volunteers and some staff live is damaged.

⁃ High school in Cuernavaca, has some damage

⁃ All buildings will be reviewed by a Civil Engineers

We will be sharing more information and photos as it comes in. We ask for your continued prayers for our NPH family, including staff and their families, and all the victims.

Monica Gery   
Director of Communications




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