A Day of Learning and Joy for NPH Mexico’s Children

The children encounter new experiences with all their senses.
März 12, 2019 - Mexiko

The wait outside the museum holds anticipation of fun inside for all.

What a great day we had with some of the kids from Casa San Salvador at Papalote Museo del Niño in Cuernavaca! At this children's museum, they “touched, played, and learned” just as the museum promises at the entrance of the building.

Some 24 boys and girls, 12 to 15 years old, had a ton of fun with all the attractions the museum had to offer. One of them literally “put their hair on the end” when electricity traveled through their body and they learned about the effect of electrical currents. The children also showed their creativity using blocks to create amazing figures; and we must say our kids are really talented!

We know NPH schools have high educational standards. The kids proved it when they assembled a giant puzzle of the Mexican Republic in the matter of minutes, knowing exactly where all the states and capitals are. But that’s not all; we witnessed their bravery when they rested on a bed of nails to learn about weight distribution through this usual attraction.

Another attraction made the kids use all their senses, except for sight. They had to walk a path in the dark guided by their other senses and working in team. The latter is something they do often, so they didn’t hesitate to support each other.

After a lunch break, the group enjoyed a private puppet show followed by a special musical treat. The kids learned how to recycle common items that we usually consider trash into musical instruments. They even played some of them. Continuing the recycling theme, some of our Pequeños showed their climbing skills in a jungle made of car tires, while others made gigantic bubbles and peered inside electronic devices.

And so a day full of learning, joy, and friendship came to an end. The group returned to Casa San Salvador with happy faces, a lot of new experiences, and practical knowledge, too.

Ivan Sotelo   
Communication Officer




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