"NPH Has Given My Life a Whole New Direction"

A college-aged NPH youth shares his future plans, his success in school, and how NPH has gotten him to where he is today.
Februar 4, 2018 - Peru

Segundo proudly shows us his medal and diploma of honor

After three years of studying, today Segundo proudly shows us his medal and diploma of honor, after having successfully completed his technical career of Agricultural Production at Valle Grande Institute of San Vicente de Cañete.

Segundo is 23 years old. He joined the NPH Peru family in 2006 and tells us, "Throughout these years in NPH, our caregivers taught me values, they taught me how to be a better person, to respect others, to share what I have, not to be selfish, to forgive, and that nothing can be built on resentment."

Segundo also recalls that he didn't like playing sports when he was a child, but "Five years ago, I started to ride a bicycle. Although I had two accidents, I'm still practicing this sport. I joined groups where I found people who have the same interest as me, and we ride more than 100 kilometers together. Cycling is my passion, because when you ride, you can clear your mind of negative thoughts, you forget all your worries and put yourself in total harmony, although you feel very tired at the end."

He says that he chose to study agricultural production because he was always interested in agricultural activities. He remembers that "my grandfather used to plant potatoes and sweet potatoes, and I always wanted to know how the plants bear fruits. When I finished high school, I applied to college, but I failed. I was very sad, but one of our caregivers encouraged me to continue, she told me not to give up. Then, I found the opportunity to take another entrance exam to the Valle Grande Institute. I prepared myself a lot, I studied hard day and night, and I applied again. I was very surprised because when I saw the entrance examination scores, I was in the top five. That fact motivated me to keep going."

In Valle Grande Institute, Segundo has not only gained knowledge about his career, but also has learned moral values: "Our professors have always been very good to us and have also taught about different aspects of life and how to face up to problems." Now, Segundo plans to work in a city located in northern Peru, dedicated to the production of grapes. And his goal is "to continue training in my career, so that I will be able to become an engineer."

Soon, Segundo will leave our home to go his own way. He looks happy and sad at the same time, because he says that "I am going to miss the kids, the caregivers, the directors, the volunteers; because they all influenced me, they all played their part to make me a better person. They understood me, they advised me a lot and I am very grateful to each one of them. NPH has changed my life in many aspects, in my behavior and my academic training. If I would never have been part of NPH, I would have only attended primary school and maybe now I would be involved in the world of drugs or crime, but now it's different because I was able to finish a technical career, thanks to all the support they gave me. NPH has given my life a whole new direction."

Segundo will never forget all the extraordinary moments at NPH Peru. He remembers that, together with his brother, he has participated in many activities on special occasions, such as dancing, theater, and music. "I am always willing to help in everything I can. I am very happy because I gained the trust of many. I'm not a perfect person, but I try to give the best I can."

Finally, Segundo advises all children in our home that "there will always be difficult moments in life, but we must strive to keep going. Caregivers will always guide us to make good decisions. Do not lose heart in what you do, be grateful for all that NPH gives us, and feel identified with the great family that we are."

Cindy Supanta   
Communications Officer

You may be only one person in the world, but you may be all the world to one child.
—Fr. William Wasson




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