Overcoming Obstacles To Achieve My Goals

"Education is the key to success."
Februar 26, 2018 - Peru

Ximena*, a strong and optimistic girl

Indigenous peoples make up one-third of the world’s poorest and suffer alarming conditions in all countries, according to the United Nations. In Peru, the Instituto Nacional de Estadística e Informática (INEI) reports that Cajamarca is one of the poorest regions of our country, whose level of extreme poverty is five times higher than the national average. It is in this place, the northern highlands of Peru, where Ximena* was born.

Her father died, and she was sent to a family that forced her to work for food and housing. She was not sent to school. She had nowhere else to go until she came to NPH.

Ximena’s life changed since she arrived at our home in 2004. Since she became part of this family, she says she learned to "be a responsible girl, support my friends by cheering them up and correct them if necessary. I have also learned that if I fall, I must get up to overcome all obstacles to achieve my goals. We are a great family and we are all brothers and sisters. I am never alone, because God is on our side. The most important thing I learned is to thank all those who always support me."

Currently, Ximena* is 21 years old and is a university student who attends law school. She has big dreams: "I want to travel to countries where people need help, build a big house for homeless, help our caregivers for the education they gave me. After finishing my studies, I want to be a great lawyer to defend those who are truly innocent; and I would also like to run my own business, like having my own beauty salon."

As a future lawyer, Ximena* ensures that the role of women in today’s society is very important, "Now there are many hard-working women who hold very high positions in companies, and that means progress, for women and men to have the same rights."

For Ximena*, education is a very powerful weapon. She expects that her future will be different from other women in her family due to her studies. "I will have a better quality of life, I will be a determined person and everything will depend on me, because education is the key to success."

At NPH Peru, we are all a great family, and Ximena expects that her little sisters will finish their studies with very good grades and make their dreams come true. Also, she wants them to value everything that NPH provides them, and keep transferring Father Wasson’s philosophy to the other children.

*Name changed for privacy purposes

Cindy Supanta   
Communication Officer

You may be only one person in the world, but you may be all the world to one child.
—Fr. William Wasson




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