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Education for Community Children - Program of Love
NPH Nicaragua - Erziehung (#P-NIC-17008)

At school

The Government of Nicaragua has a program, 'Program of Love' or 'Programa Amor', to reach out to the poorest children in order to reach equity, starting with those most in need. This support includes free education, transport to school, food, clothing, and other basic needs. In order to offer this service, the government asks private institutions such as ours to help.

In 2017 we will offer education to 133 children from the nearby communities. They are picked up in the morning with NPH buses, receive the daily educational lessons, eat lunch together and then depart in the afternoon. In addition to the school's classes, the community children are invited to participate in recreational activities and vocational workshops of our home.

Please, support us with your contribution and help the children of our neighboring communities to benefit from the presence and education of NPH Nicaragua.

Wenn Sie dieses Projekt (oder einen Teil davon) finanziell unterstützen möchten oder Fragen dazu haben, setzen Sie sich bitte mit ihrem Landesbüro in Verbindung. Sie können auch online für dieses Projekt spenden. Wählen Sie die Gegenstände aus, die Sie finanzieren möchten, und klicken Sie dann bitte weiter auf "Für Projekt spenden"


Beschreibung Menge Gespendet Benötigt
External student cost 133 CHF27'630 CHF76'214
Geschätzte Projektkosten (CHF) CHF103'844 CHF27'630 CHF76'214

Note: the project cost includes a 10% premium to support the general needs of NPH and its children.




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