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NPH Mexiko - Sustainability

Maria Jose and her little brother enjoy learning about the greenhouse.

At our farm in NPH Mexico, we grow 21 hectares of corn every year. We use the corn to produce about 3,000 fresh tortillas every day for our children, and also contribute to the diet used to feed our pigs, sheep and chickens, which we keep to provide fresh and organic meat to our children. By growing our own corn, we make a strong effort to become more self-sufficient and lower our spending on food.

Each year we also plant and harvest flowers and grains, such as peanuts, hibiscus flowers, sunflowers, giant marigold flowers and amaranth. This food is consumed by season i.e. the peanuts are consumed in the Christmas season (December); our jicama and sunflower seeds are planted and consumed throughout the year; while the marigold flower is planted in early June and harvested in early October, and then used for decoration for Day of the Dead celebrations.

Your support for this project is reflected directly in our children's nutrition and wellbeing. Many children that join our home come displaying signs of severe malnutrition due to the poverty in which they lived. Help us provide them with nutritious vegetables and meat by supporting this project.

Wenn Sie dieses Projekt (oder einen Teil davon) finanziell unterstützen möchten oder Fragen dazu haben, setzen Sie sich bitte mit ihrem Landesbüro in Verbindung. Sie können auch online für dieses Projekt spenden. Wählen Sie die Gegenstände aus, die Sie finanzieren möchten, und klicken Sie dann bitte weiter auf "Für Projekt spenden"


Beschreibung Menge Gespendet Benötigt
Greenhouse Production
Bags of Tomato Seeds for One Year 10 CHF3'120 CHF-3
Bags of Other Vegetables seeds for One Year 15 CHF4'681 CHF-5
Tools for Greenhouses 1 CHF885 CHF-0
Fertilizers, Insecticides and Nutrients for One Year 1 CHF23'476 CHF-1
Plantation Fields Production
Bags of Maize Seeds for One Year 23 CHF3'014 CHF0
Fertilizers, Insecticides and Nutrients for One Year 1 CHF5'632 CHF10'082
Farm Machinery Maintenance and Repairs for One Year 1 CHF0 CHF15'601
Fuel for Tractors and Machinery for One Year 1 CHF0 CHF12'731
Animal Farm Production
Food for Pigs for One Year 1 CHF0 CHF18'721
Mineral Salt for Sheeps 1 CHF0 CHF499
Soy Paste to Feed Sheeps for One Year 1 CHF0 CHF2'995
Food for Fishes for One Year 1 CHF0 CHF9'960
Vet Medicines for One Year 1 CHF0 CHF2'664
Salaries for Farm Employees
Annual Salaries for 14Farm Employees 14 CHF0 CHF76'182
Geschätzte Projektkosten (CHF) CHF190'233 CHF40'808 CHF149'426

Note: the project cost includes a 10% premium to support the general needs of NPH and its children.





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