Seeking a Brilliant Future: Our Indigenous Children
NPH Mexiko - Childcare

Helio* is one of the Mixteco children in our home. He's a very social, friendly and fun child.

There are 75 children from our home that have a story that is unique and full of tradition. They come from small communities located in the mountains of Guerrero. Here, they lived isolated from mainstream Mexican culture and the government support for needed infrastructure is rarely seen.

Their indigenous name, Mixteco, means “people of the rain,” and they are the third largest group of indigenous people in Mexico. The majority of the people from this village only speak Mixteco, which isolates the community further. According to the Mexican census, they are the second poorest community in the country.

Joining NPH When children from this community join our family, they often come in a state of malnutrition, due to living an impoverished life. Attending school is hard for them at first because they don’t speak Spanish, but also because they generally have not attended school regularly. For this reason, they start with intensive Spanish classes before they integrate fully into our school. We are extremely proud of the achievements of these members of our family.

NPH life Violence in the state of Guerrero has increased in recent years, and in 2015, 60% of all the children we welcomed into our home came from this region. We have built a beautiful community at our home in which the oldest Mixteco children help the new arrivals. They support and mentor them with Spanish classes while keeping the Mixteco language and their culture alive.

This project is meant to support the 75 children that come from the Mixteco community for a whole year, supporting their food, education, clothing, healthcare and basic needs.

Wenn Sie dieses Projekt (oder einen Teil davon) finanziell unterstützen möchten oder Fragen dazu haben, setzen Sie sich bitte mit ihrem Landesbüro in Verbindung. Sie können auch online für dieses Projekt spenden. Wählen Sie die Gegenstände aus, die Sie finanzieren möchten, und klicken Sie dann bitte weiter auf "Für Projekt spenden"


Beschreibung Menge Gespendet Benötigt
Support for 74 Mixteco Children
Annual Cost 74 CHF6'197 CHF395'642
Geschätzte Projektkosten (CHF) CHF401'839 CHF6'197 CHF395'642

Note: the project cost includes a 10% premium to support the general needs of NPH and its children.





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