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Healthy Nutrition
NPH Bolivien - Nutrition (#P-BOL-16015)

Keeping our children healthy

In order to keep our kids healthy, we need to keep our nutrition balanced and varied. We provide three meals a day and provide snacks and fruit in between meals.

Due to the conditions from which many of our children came, last year we found that several children still had anemia due to insufficient intake of iron. Although these cases of anemia were relatively mild, it is still a condition that we take seriously. Anemia can increase tiredness and makes the children mentally and physically weak, which also affects their performance in school. We have now improved our diet in quantity and quality.

It is one of our top priorities to further increase the nutritional value of the food served to the children by buying extra eggs, fruits and vegetables.

We usually have two cooks, and at times a third one. They have a common work day from 9:00 to 4:30 pm. During that time, they prepare lunch, dinner and breakfast for the next day. For dinner and breakfast, different types of bread or traditional baked goods like empanadas or cuñapés are prepared. Since the cooks are not present at dinner and breakfast time, those meals are served by youths, taking turns by houses.

We would appreciate your support in our endeavor to provide the best diet possible for our children! Thank you very much in advance!

Wenn Sie dieses Projekt (oder einen Teil davon) finanziell unterstützen möchten oder Fragen dazu haben, setzen Sie sich bitte mit ihrem Landesbüro in Verbindung. Sie können auch online für dieses Projekt spenden. Wählen Sie die Gegenstände aus, die Sie finanzieren möchten, und klicken Sie dann bitte weiter auf "Für Projekt spenden"


Beschreibung Menge Gespendet Benötigt
Yearly meat consumption 1 CHF0 CHF14'823
Yearly egg consumption 1 CHF0 CHF2'032
Yearly fruit and vegetable consumption 1 CHF0 CHF14'490
Yearly consumption storable groceries 1 CHF0 CHF24'874
Yearly salary Cook 2 1 CHF0 CHF5'019
1 CHF0 CHF5'045
Geschätzte Projektkosten (CHF) CHF66'282 CHF0 CHF66'282

Note: the project cost includes a 10% premium to support the general needs of NPH and its children.




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