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Volunteering with NPH During COVID-19
Learn how we are keeping volunteers and NPH homes safe.


International Volunteer Program

The NPH volunteer program is full of opportunities. We invite people of all backgrounds to participate in the endeavor to create a life of dignity for vulnerable children in the countries we serve. We open this invitation to people who have the desire to be of service to the NPH community and who have an open heart and mind.

Mission of the International Volunteer Program

Volunteers support NPH’s goals of enhancing the well-being of children and youth in residential care and community outreach programs by providing highly desirable skills, love and individualized attention to children and families supported by NPH. Through their service in the homes, their time spent with the children, and their participation in NPH community life, the volunteers act as examples to the children, motivating them to reach their unique potential. The volunteers promote intercultural exchange and understanding and serve as ambassadors of the NPH mission in their respective countries of origin.


What makes a good volunteer?

The most successful volunteers come to NPH with a positive, life-loving attitude, a strong work ethic, flexibility, realism and a sense of humor. Volunteer service at NPH is challenging but also incredibly rewarding. You will work harder than you would at a typical office job, but you will be rewarded with enriching and long-lasting relationships.

We seek candidates whose main motive is to help the children and serve as examples. NPH volunteers are not rebellious to rational authority, disrespectful or insensitive to the cultures where we work. Because of cultural norms, some homes have strict rules regarding the use of tattoos and piercings. Please remember, we accept volunteers only if we are convinced that they will be good models for the children.

We have numerous openings for long-term volunteers throughout the year. See our Volunteer Requirements, Volunteer Opportunities, or proceed directly to our Volunteer Application.

If you are interested in helping NPH in your local community, please contact your nearest local fundraising office to find out how you can become involved. There are always positions available for translators, special event staff and office support. Working in your local office is a great way to get to know NPH better.






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