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Flooding in Peru and Helping the Community
März 24 - Peru
Our NPH Peru home reports that they are safe and lends a hand to help those in need.
Cholera is Still Present in Haiti
März 23 - Haiti
Cholera remains an undeniable plague in Haiti, especially for those in poverty without access to clean water.
The Winner Is...
März 20 - Honduras
How one pequeño wins a story contest on "A Better World"
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Growing in Gratitude, Growing in Faith
März 20 - Honduras
How one pequeña has grown in both gratitude and faith thanks to the opportunities provided by NPH.
A Reflection on Faith
März 15 - Peru
What religion means for our pequeños.
Discovering His Potential in Vocational School
März 13 - Dominikanische Republik
Ensuring better lives for the future.
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Healthy Nutrition
Feb. 14 - Bolivien
Support for Youth who Have Left our Home
Feb. 14 - Honduras
Educational Assistance for Community Children
Feb. 13 - Nicaragua
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Our NPH homes provide children and youths with the preparation and education to lead peaceful lives and one day contribute to society in their own countries, where child labor and violence are very close and real threats.


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Unser Einfluss in 2015
  3,442 children in our homes
  332 new arrivals
  35 university graduates
  203 high school graduates
  261 vocational certification
  58 children with HIV
  122 full-time volunteers
  631 holy sacraments


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