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Please support NPH Mexico with the earthquake damage and the community.

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UPDATE 7.1 Magnitude Earthquake in Mexico
Sept. 20 - Mexiko
NPH Mexico children are safe.
Hurricane Irma Update
Sept. 8 - International
Haiti and DR Homes are Safe
Ready, Set, Math!
Sept. 5 - Honduras
How the "Education Stimulation" department at the NPH school is getting kids engaged in their education.
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Honduras' Star Student
Sept. 14 - Honduras
How starting one year behind did not stop one pequeño from becoming a model student.
Education - a Treasure that Can Change Lives
Sept. 13 - Bolivien
How hard work pays off for a student.
From Learning the Basics to Dreaming Big
Sept. 8 - Nicaragua
After entering NPH at age 12 without being able to read or write, Oscar shares his experience and hopes for the future.
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Healthy Nutrition
Aug. 23 - Bolivien
Support our Mixteco Children
Aug. 18 - Mexiko
Education for Community Children - Program of Love
Jul. 27 - Nicaragua
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