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Serving Others in the Face of Danger
Okt. 10 - Haiti
Since intense political unrest began in Haiti last month, just going to work has become an ordeal.
Express Yourself with Art
Okt. 10 - Peru
NPH Peru welcomed Expresarte to Casa Santa Rosa; a team focused on socio-emotional development through expressive arts.
Say it with me: Viva Mexico
Okt. 10 - Mexiko
More than one thousand children take part in Mexico’s Independence day parade in Cuernavaca.
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Rosa and Ricarda: From Poverty to Progress
Okt. 9 - Peru
NPH Peru watches on with pride as two of its newest family members continue to develop after a difficult start to life.
Meeting the needs of every child with NPH Early Stimulation Programs
Sept. 20 - Mexiko
For some children, the right intervention makes all the difference.
Today I'm someone new
Sept. 20 - Dominikanische Republik
Junior Nathanael recounts his evolution from illiterate street kid to grateful young man with hope for the future.
An External Student Finds Support and Encouragement at an NPH high school
Sept. 20 - Mexiko
Though Verónica does not live in the NPH Mexico home, she loves the experience of attending our high school.
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Support and Empower our Girls
Jun. 3 - Peru
Seeking a Brilliant Future: Our Indigenous Children
Jan. 14 - Mexiko
Our Farm, a Way of Living
Dez. 31 - El Salvador
NPH Youth Development Programs
Apr. 16 - Mexiko
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