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Salven el Mundo
Jul. 20 - Dominikanische Republik
“Salven el mundo”: A theatrical presentation depicting the power children have to save the world by recycling
Chatting Towards Healthier Lives
Jul. 12 - Honduras
How chats given by medical staff are helping increase health education and reduce sickness.
Nature and Hard Work Provide Us with a Variety of Healthy Foods
Jul. 11 - Guatemala
Cultivating vegetables for healthy meals.
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Clean Water, Happy Children
Jul. 19 - Honduras
How clean water helps children grow up strong and healthy.
Back at Home, Still in School
Jul. 12 - Honduras
How one pequeña in the NPH Family Reintegration Program is excelling at school amidst major life changes.
The Mango Tree
Jul. 6 - Dominikanische Republik
Fond memories of cultivating their own trees and harvesting the fruit.
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Healthy Nutrition
Jun. 28 - Bolivien
Support our Students through Vocational Workshops
Mai 17 - Nicaragua
Sponsor our Vocational Center
Apr. 25 - Honduras
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