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Help us break the cycle of poverty by supporting a project for children in need. Every donation helps us to provide quality of life for vulnerable children by supplying medicine, food, clothing, supplies and more. You may choose to sponsor a project here or sponsor a program, which provides ongoing support of our unique programs.


9 projects found


Clothes for St. Helene Home
Still needed: CHF37'146
Essential Childcare Staff for St. Helene Home
Still needed: CHF199'671
Nutrition at FWAL Homes and School
Still needed: CHF156'986
Nutrition at our Flagship Home, St. Helene
Still needed: CHF265'004


Don Bosco Program Tuition and Education Expenses
Still needed: CHF249'002


Meals for St. Damien Pediatric Hospital Admitted Children.
Still needed: CHF34'684


Upkeep and Betterment of Father Wasson’s Angels of Light Homes
Still needed: CHF122'875


Daily Nourishment for Higher Education Students (One Year)
Still needed: CHF177'218
Nutrition for St. Germaine Special Needs Programs
Still needed: CHF66'055

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Father Wasson, founder of NPH
(NPFS Mexique - 1997)


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